when is it ok?

Ok, I’ve been on my own for almost 10 years so CLEARLY I need some help here ;-). When in the dating procedure is it ok to tell a guy you want them? (Yes, It is a procedure. It is a painful series of steps that you have to get just right…and I never do.) Common sense tells me that men are happy to hear that a woman wants to have sex with them at any point, but if it is too early on does it give the wrong impression? I went with sometime after you are having sex. I can’t help but think that if the timing isn’t just so it may be a relationship killer.

Now, I have absolutely no quantifiable evidence of this. It just seems that it’s something that falls into the realm of men’s double standard peculiarities. I would love for men to comment on this. (I will tally it up and not do statistical analysis on it…just for fun.)


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