Dating Hell–somehow I think this will be the title of so very many posts.

Why the hell is it that when you meet a good guy (not nice, good) there is no spark on your side of it? Why is it that the guy who can cope with your level of crazy, your stress, you kids (and even likes them, a lot) has no appeal.

Now, I am aware that I was recently falling head over heels for someone who apparently has too much stuff going on in their own life to pursue something even though they are interested. I don’t hold it against him. It hurts, I am someone you can lean on. Anyway, they don’t have it in them, I don’t feel I can afford to sit and wait to see if things would work out. But I know that feeling. I know when I have met someone that I’m going to fall hard for and that was going on. Maybe that is why I’m not feeling the spark for the new good guy…

I find dating horribly confusing. Somehow ass holes suck many of us in. Good guys seem to repel us a bit. It all makes me feel a bit insane.


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