A page or chapter is only part of the novel


Even when  you are only a page or a chapter in someone’s book, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth writing. The truth is that they are only a page in your book too. Even when they stay forever they aren’t your entire novel. Just Let the story write itself.

I have had some of the most beautiful relationships. I have been head over heels more times than most. Many of those relationships only lasted a few months. It has taken me 22 years to figure out that I learned from all of them. That they were beautiful and meaningful to ME. It does not matter their view on the relationship. I have KNOWN from the start that I was just a stopping point in their lives, that it would not last, that I would hurt and grieve their loss. By the time you are aware walking away right then does no good, your soul will still ache from the piece of you that they take with them.




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