What is this about?

Hmm, well I decided they I spend far too much time thinking through all of my issues in life in my head. When I talk to a few trusted friends I have found that their thoughts and feelings on matters aren’t too far off from mine. We frequently feel relieved that we aren’t the only one that feels the way we do. I figured, what the hell. I can think my crazy life through in a blog, and maybe a person or two will comment or even like or relate to what I have to say.


I’m a divorced mother of three. I have a disabled child and two others that are foul-mouthed. All of the teen-aged persuasion. I have an education that I can’t seem to use and I only half-assed look for work these days. I live in a neighborhood in a small town that I can’t stand. I date, and apparently I suck at that because I’m still single.


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